Ganacher – in Modi'in area

"The direct partners in life in the educational institution are the children, the educators and the parents. When trying to create qualities that go beyond imparting knowledge and information, the question of living together in the institution community arises. The deeper qualities that real education wants to establish can be created only with the participation of all the factors involved in the child's life."


Ganacher – in Modi'in area is a a non-profit Israeli association supporting 5 Waldorf kindergartens (age group 2.5-7, about 140 kids), and a primary school (Alumot Waldorf School: classes 1-9 about 230 kids), in the new area of Modi'in, located between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.

Ganacher was established in September 2002 as a parent's initiative.

The purpose of the organisation, as was formulated in the association policies is:

"to establish and run Waldorf kindergartens and school in the values and spirit of the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner education, and promote anthroposophy and Waldorf education in the Modi'in area."

One of the key purposes of Ganacher is to promote community activities in the spirt of anthroposophy such as lectures and workshops for parents, community fairs etc.

The Ganacher community families originate from about 20 cities belonging to 13 different councils/local authorities. biography


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